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released December 24, 2011



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Argent Strand Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Trailer Stache
You've turned your back on the only way out.
Again and again have you fled from your condemning afflictions.

Sooner than later I return to the darkness; it's taken my vitality.
And though I need light I descend; there must be something more to this.
And though I sleep at night there is no escape from this encumbrance.
I will tear my name from the very fabric of this world; I will not be known.
So that I may feel the sun's warmth again.
Shed every tear and break every neck that hasn't been broken.
One day I will truly be alone and I will feel real under the sky.
Not just another drone; not just another pawn in a vast game.
And if I can never find the purity of solidarity I will distort reality.

You don't have the strength or what it takes.
You are not who you think you are.
I dwell deep inside you like a parasitic demon.

I fall to my knees and beg for mercy.
Perhaps prayer will release me from the confines of this disease.
May my sorrow be redeemed and may I be allowed to breathe in air.
For only tar has filled my lungs since I was birthed; the dirt, just breathe it in.
All it takes is one moment to set back all the progress you have made.
But I made no mistake and writhe for it in depraved suspension.
I can only see one true escape to break these veins and let them drain but that will do only one thing.
Sleep through the silence and the void that is my life. To breach these walls of humanity I must decide my place.

I am all knowing.
I know you better than you ever knew yourself.
This time you won't survive.
You turn to me only at times when you must hide.
I will always be here, and I have always been near, and i have always denied hope of reconciliation.

At last I find a shimmer in this pit of never ending depths.
I move up closer to it, I place my hands upon the breach; the warmth then envelops me.
I feel the difference in my stride as I move on through the end.
My heart has now been lifted from this infection and I can now be free.

You cannot do this to me.
You are not free of me yet.
I am ingrained within your being.
You cannot do this.

Oh, the beauty of this world.
I have never felt so alive.
This truth never dies: i will not soon forget.
The gift of life so perfect and divine.
I graciously accept my place, humble amongst the stars; that they too will fade.
The darkness will never really dissipate.
How will I approach my fate?
Track Name: Villainous
These days would change our ways and I would be remembered.
Rest until dawn, ride to the dusk; my sword by my side.
The retribution I'd obtain could help our people survive.
I set to stage my assault on the crimson reign of an infernal lord,
and on my steed I slipped clear through the fog.
Here i began, upon the steps of her grace.
I pleaded "Steer me to ever force his breath out from his fucking lungs."
Her resolution was all that I needed.
Noblest of us, an act of honour would serve this cause.
But my confidence faded. Surprised. Surrounded.

Before, she said they all would crumble with ease.
That my divine prowess would protect me.
That I would be untouched and now I fall onto the ground; my sword far out of reach.
My assailants descend upon me as I grasp for my discarded weapon.
The truth reveals itself clearly as spears lunge forward and I am pierced to death.

My chest cavity; what was flesh now ripped to shreds.
The heart removed from its place; muscle missing.
Fluid pours out of my veins; full plasmatic abortion.
The sky goes black as if a lights been flicked.
A voice is cutting through the darkness.
But still I feel the ice cold shiver of vacant air.
An answer muttered through the darkness.
A trail of smoke parts my lips as life kindles a burning within.
This flame, glistening blade, is shifted.

That this would be the day I would make different.
And those who rained arrows upon me, shall their swords indulge.
Reborn anew, whole; resurrected.
And may all those who knew me before repent for their heresy.

Before, she said they all would crumble with ease.
That my divine prowess would protect me.
That I would be untouched and now I fall onto the ground; my sword far out of reach.
After, she bled for every lie and wound i had received.
I ripped that whore apart so she could feel me tearing the sinew from her bones.
I lacerated the wicked witch, the poison slime; fucking harlot.

When it is done I still cannot move on.
And when the earth trembles and fractures at their feet, they'll know I've come back.
This is my attack. The lives that I will take have in their efforts lacked.
Track Name: Wasted
I've been through so much bullshit of every form, it brought me down,
but I will have none of this wasted ambition.
Let's keep it up, our heads held high and never look back again.
It's up to me to try, and make this my mission.

You cannot inform me of what I cannot do.
I will be the maker of my choices not assholes like you.
You cannot inform me of what I cannot do.
I will be the maker of my choices.

Another day has passed and it has only serve to make me stronger.
The more we work at this the less I have to pay in blood.
This stasis will be no longer.

Oh, if only I could turn back time and correct the mistakes in front of my eyes.
Hidden in my world like snakes in grass; how could have I denied this from happening?

My cries fall on deaf ears.
Wasted from my lungs.
A serpent slithers before me,
he who has many tongues.
Behold, he is the servant,
on this fucking earth.
His words are only curses.
Lies spill from his mouth.
We must be virtuous to make it through the night,
and we will rise anew to fight him.

Now is our chance to sever the skull from the spine.
End this most pitiful life.
The adversary is denied.

We are truly unstoppable.
Nothing can end this reign we posses.
We are invincible.
This devil's throat has been split.
Track Name: Meat Hook
Without conscience, lacking empathy.
I dismember and maim throughout the night, wandering the docks by the district of meat.
Dread me, for am i no ghost.
Fear me, from the fathoms of deep neglect i rose.

Monster of the sea.
Abomination of the ocean.

I lay claim to this land I lived upon, I lost upon, they stole.
This fight concerning, my bitter soul.
My meat hooks hanging on the walls with your bodies.

The moonlight, like my cloak, envelops you.
Beautiful sight, be torn from mine eyes for it was never true.
This epiphany that no object of beauty or desire could i ever truly hold onto.
But these pieces of you I'll keep near as reminders that life is fleeting,
that death is close and the moments when I'm killing you I do revere the most.

The tide will wash away the stains and the rotting remains.
But even when you all have gone, I will still have my memories.
My meat hooks hanging on the walls with your bodies.

Hook, line and sinker this bitch is mine.
Every fish is caught in time.
Hook, line and sinker this victim is mine.

Another trophy for my infinite collection.
Forever, this girl will be, is a part of me.
I said that you won't feel a thing but this will hurt.
Your end will carry on in me forever.

Hook, line and sinker this bitch is mine.
After all, every fish is caught in time.
Hook, line and sinker this victim is mine.