Sailor Trash

by Argent Strand

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released December 12, 2012

Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Curt Wells (Green Giant Productions).
Album art by Cruise Winger.
Guest vocals on track 2 by Mike Greenwood of AngelMaker.



all rights reserved


Argent Strand Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Talonguard the Black
The finality of a heavily limited life;
Every second is counting to a predictable death.
The impact of awakening is strife;
Every moment is mounting to a final breath.

And so the stars align; that we have met, to my dismay.
Where is the justice in this?
I have been led along a path of foolish dream so i will pray,
for guidance in the dark.
So what the fuck do you think your doing with me?
I'm not some specimen produced for only you to see.
You calculate my pain through your design.
A test of struggle to compliment cold-blooded theory.
But you do not know that the flame that fills my heart is mine;
sparked in embers of malicious contemplation.

Ashes to ashes dust to dust, only in this begotten shame do i trust.
Better together, I cant do this alone.
I'll sing songs of treachery all the way home.

I parted with my breast,
with all the secrets locked within my chest.
She said she'd love me forevermore.
This saturation of endless contorting deceit is killing me from the inside out.

She knows me all too well.
Infatuation is confused with placation.
This will only last a spell.
Infatuation is confused with placation.
It is nothing more than confrontation.

The finality of a heavily limited life;
Every second is counting to a predictable death,
each moment compacted into a final breath.

My troubled past has been scrawled,
Shakespearean tragedy on the tapestry.
Obsessing about the time that is lost to the suffering,
Emptiness consumes me.
Harvest me,
my corpse to the beetles .
I regret this life of remorse.
Searching for answers,
where all of the questions are vague.
My struggle has sealed my fate.
I've shut the gate.
Track Name: Rocky Road ft. Mike Greenwood
Morrow so ripe for battle, all stations are staged
and with my valour my saboteurs are stayed;
and by my justice I am freed.
Though more proficient tactics procure me wealth,
my only ally is but myself.

Slowly I am realizing,
more and more every day,
I am not the hero from my dreams.
No angelic maiden awaits my return to accompany, to stand beside me.
No diligent brother shares in tales of conquest or of combat victorious,
and the forces of fortresses we will raid,
the blood of martyrs to be bathed; never betraying for greed.

By some slight of heavenly light you are found;
a partner in crime to champion beside me.
To never turn my back on you.
To advise at every turn.
Together we transform into something greater than alone.
Any assistance you ask for, I will see it done.
But do not betray me or you will be the final one.

Do not take me for a fool.
Regret poisons the blood and lesions upon you.

This moment will transcend every line we have drawn.
The walls of reality come crumbling down.
I will transcend every line we have crossed.
You will be sacrificed.

I enter your home when you're alone and strangulate you.
Choking, now your life ends.
Gasping desperately for oxygen.

To hide the body in the attic the weight must be reduced.
Covered in plastic and soil that never hides you.
Before we part forever I have my way with your corpse.
Exile from tibia with the fibula.

I couldn't wait to fuck and hack.
Purest perversion, caught in the act.

I would rather die than live with this curse.
I just thought that you might like to die first.
Track Name: And My Axe
Who here among us has got my back?
You have his sword and my axe!
We'll take the battle to Mordor.
I'll cut the flesh with my axe,
you slash with your sword.

Let's ascend into the hills, fight the freezing winds.
Combat goblins to shake the chills, march into the wilderness.
Defeating every minion, and corruption in men.
The Fellowship will never yield.
"You have my sword."
"And my bow."
"And my axe!"

As the fell beasts rain out from pores in the sky,
hear the shadows shriek.
Feel the echoes reverberate through your spine.
Feel disgust burn a hole in your chest.
On the back of his steed, the Nazgûl flies.
On the wings that corrupt he shall ride.
We will slay him though many will die.

You shall not pass.
Though the call of the ring tests us all,
Like the Balrog's descent you shall fall.
We will overcome you.

Overwhelmed by Uruk-hai; hear the horn of Gondor sound.
The final call of Boromir; hear the horn of Gondor sound.
Fighting off his enemies, 3 arrows would meet their mark.
Fallen, dying by a tree, "I would have followed you my brother."

"Through Rohan over fen and field where the long grass grows.
The west winds come walking and about the walls it goes.
O, Boromir (Boromir)! The Tower of Guard shall ever northward gaze.
To Rauros, golden Rauros-falls, until the end of days."
Track Name: George Michael Cera
I swear to you, my love, it knows no bounds.
You've heard it all before.
I know the way this sounds, because last night i acted way out of line.
I guarantee your trust in me will not quickly leave you to rot this time.

And when i fail you a part of me dies in your eyes,
embedded in my dreams, their gaze never lies.
Her fragile voice still fills the void with words that act as constants;
echoing, repeating, droning "Come on baby, lets be honest."

"There is a rift between us, isn't it obvious?"

Your name, it fills my heart,
through veins to never part.
In each capillary is her memory.
I know you said that we were over this time but all I see is you with me.
I can't let go and that's the bottom line.

If I could I would preserve our love eternally
The fact that i can't seem to grasp is this is way beyond me.

I'll hurt through the dirt to make this work.

When we're together you can't wait to fight.
Id rather be alone to drink and think all night that maybe I could do something to make things right.
I have come to the conclusion that any future we may have seen is out of sight.

Clear every doubt but it doesn't count.
Maybe it's best for us both if we maintain distance.
I have seen you enough.

Am I taking you out or taking you back, is it over yet?
'Cause I am over you.